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Qingdao Ocean Spon completes transportation to Shanghai Terminal

A heavy lift cargo transportation from North China to Shanghai Terminal was successfully completed by PLA’s Chinese member Qingdao Ocean Spon International Logistics.

The cargo, a tower, measured 18.8 metres in length and 4.6 metres in width and weighed 21.5 tons.

From the factory to the port, it was almost 1200 kilometres, and cargo was over length and height. The client had requested Qingdao Ocean Spon International Logistics to ensure safe transport while reducing costs which was a challenge. The highly skilled operations crew at Qingdao Ocean Spon International Logistics selected the best route and allotted personnel to ensure all obstacles on the way were overcome. A 16-meter long low-body trailer was used for the movement. Once the cargo arrived at the terminal in Shanghai, a mobile crane was used to discharge the cargo. The cargo is now on its way to Europe, where it will be used in the textile industry.