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Rhenus introduces carbon-neutral consolidation service from Frankfurt

Rhenus Logistics, a leading global logistics provider, is introducing a carbon-neutral air freight option as part of the sustainable initiatives offering customers a carbon-neutral consolidation service from Frankfurt, Germany (FRA) to São Paulo, Brazil (SAO).

This is one of the company’s strategies to spearhead the industry’s transition to a more sustainable logistics, Rhenus Logistics is developing and promoting more sustainable supply chain solutions.

The process of the carbon-neutral air consolidation activates when the service is booked. The emission data of the shipment’s main haul is calculated by Rhenus partner, with the methodology that complies with the International Air Transport Association (IATA), International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), and Global Logistics Emissions Council (GLEC) frameworks. Afterwards, a third-party company will verify and ensure the reliability of the calculation process and data.

Rhenus will offset the total emissions from the trade lane through the third party to achieve carbon neutrality via projects which are verified and audited according to internationally accepted standards such as Gold Standards (GS) or verified carbon standard (VCS). Customers will then be able to download the certification of carbon-neutral activity under Rhenus name and receive a verified emission report for main haul FRA-SAO shipments from Rhenus.

“Providing a carbon-neutral air freight solution from our European Gateway in Frankfurt, Germany to São Paulo, Brazil is the first step to develop and transform our current and future services into more sustainable options for customers. Along with improving our airfreight services, we take further measures to make our gateway operations more environment friendly as well as partner up with carriers to elaborate opportunities on more sustainable airfreight. Carbon offset program is an initial act while awaiting carrier side’s development to shift to a more sustainable operation, which will have a direct influence over the emission. Our commitment as a company is to do our part to protect the environment and for clients to partner with us to promote more and more sustainable actions in the logistics industry, ” said Chris Bode, Global Product Strategy Manager – Air at Rhenus Air & Ocean.

Frankfurt serves as the European Gateway, and Rhenus is able to consolidate the volumes from various countries. Rhenus partners with reputable core carriers and has secured space with more than three uplifts a week on fixed schedules. Additional departures are available upon request.

Apart from this initiative, Rhenus is also committed to achieve carbon neutral via its LCL product by 2030.