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Jumbo completes Dos Bocas refinery job

Jumbo Kinetic recently shipped heavy equipment to the Dos Bocas refinery in Mexico having loaded cargo for the plant in Phu My, Vietnam.

The large units are called radiant modules and measure about 18.4 x 13.4 x 24.0 m with the heaviest weighing in at 480 tonnes. The radiant modules together with the convection and stack modules form part of a fired heater in the refinery.

There are very few heavylift vessels in the world that can lift these types of modules due to the required lifting heights, and the Jumbo-SAL-Alliance team was happy to help.

The jigsaw puzzle of cargo was pieced together over the course of a few days where first the below deck area was filled with the smaller cargoes, then the hatches were closed up, and the heavy modules were carefully loaded on deck using single crane lifts.

Jumbo lifting plans for the stacks resulted in faster loading and less risk or damage to the cargo and by using uplift clips and stoppers to seafasten the cargo, they saved the client time and resources there too.

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