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Customers are “moving the world” with special vehicles from the TII Group

With its specialists TII SCHEUERLE and TII KAMAG, the TII Group offers tailormade manoeuvring and transport solutions for many sectors such as transport and logistics, construction, plant engineering, aerospace, shipbuilding, steel and energy-generating industries as well as for yard logistics which transport the heaviest and largest loads safely and efficiently – in accordance with the trade fair motto and the aspiration of TII: “Move the World“.

In this way, TII enables customers to solve their complex tasks. TII India proves its innovative strength with new models from the EuroCompact, K25 and SPMT series together with other bestsellers.

Customers from the construction and mining industries place high requirements. The transportation of heavy, oversized construction machinery under the toughest environmental conditions puts enormous strain on the transport equipment. On construction sites, pits and factory facilities, the operating conditions, dirt and scree place great demands on the equipment. However, the vehicles should nevertheless have low operating costs. Correspondingly important are high-quality and durable vehicles, such as those developed and manufactured by the subsidiaries of Heilbronn-based TII. At bauma 2022, the world’s leading trade fair for the construction and mining industry, TII SCHEUERLE and TII KAMAG are presenting transport solutions which customers can use to meet current challenges such as increasing cost pressure and the demands placed on drivers in special transport in addition to technical challenges.

With the new EuroCompact U7, TII SCHEUERLE is adding an extra strong version to the proven, semi-modular EuroCompact series in the 60 to 120-tonne payload class, which is ideally suited for transporting construction machinery, stone crushers, transformers and other heavy equipment. Thanks to the large 285/70 R 19.5 tyres and an axle distance of 1,500 millimetres, the vehicle facilitates axle loads of up to 13.4 tonnes on-road (up to 80 km/h) and 17.4 tonnes off-road (up to 10 km/h) according to national legislation. Where others are already using modular vehicle concepts, TII SCHEUERLE is able to offer a significantly more compact, more manoeuvrable and more economical vehicle with the EuroCompact U7 which also offers advantages regarding approval procedures and empty runs. The EuroCompact U7 is available with axle configurations from 0+4 to 4+6. In addition, the customer can combine the new variant with the additional SmartAxle chassis and three different goosenecks and thus optimally adapt it according to payload requirements or fifth wheel load, thereby making the trailer even more versatile and therefore more cost-effective to use.

In addition, the EuroCompact U7 benefits from particularly easy operability along with the Clever Coupling System which makes it much easier to disconnect and connect the gooseneck and dolly. All control elements are positioned at an ergonomically favourable height on the driver’s side. Time-consuming walking distances and laborious bending are no longer necessary for the driver. Through the ergonomic improvements, TII SCHEUERLE is also accommodating drivers´ requirements in a variety of ways. Making work easier for drivers is one of the great benefits for the heavy haulage industry.

The FL02 is the second representative of the EuroCompact series at bauma 2022. The entry-level model in the EuroCompact world boasts, among other things, a payload of up to 36 tonnes as well as a particularly low deck height of 200 millimetres or a loading height in the low bed of 300 millimeteres in the driving position along with an optimal combination length to loading length ratio. Regardless whether it is construction machinery, steel and concrete parts or containers – thanks to pendulum axle technology and its enormously flexible operational capability, the FL02 is the manoeuvrable economic miracle among compact vehicles which, even with the extended telescope (loading length of 12,270 millimetres) fulfils the single-driver regulation.

TII SCHEUERLE has developed the K25 L especially for the wind industry. In addition to transport assignments in the wind industry, these modular platform trailers are also suitable for all other tasks that involve handling oversized loads that generate high point loads and, at the same time, have a high load centre of gravity. The K25 L scores with maximum stability and robustness. The L (“Low”) refers to the particularly low platform height of 875 millimetres (loaded) together with large 285/70 R 19.5 tyres. The wheel track width of 2,100 millimetres with an external width of 3,000 millimetres is unique in the segment. This greatly reduces the risk of tipping over when transporting loads with large diameters. The highest negative and positive bending moment that is available on the market creates economic efficiency for the operator through additional loading options. The enormously high torsional rigidity also ensures more cornering safety. Furthermore, the technically possible axle load is up to 23 tonnes or up to 13.9 tonnes at 80 km/h. The platform trailer is equipped with two through to six axle lines and can be combined with the existing accessories of the K25 series such as the gooseneck, drawbar, swivel bolster, deck and tower adapter.

TII SCHEUERLE is exhibiting nothing less than the premium class with the wind tower adapter WT70. The entire system consists of two WT70s. The wind tower adapters are placed on a front and rear bogie combination. Depending on payload requirements, the axle lines of the front and rear bogies can be combined in such a way that the payload-length ratio of the transport is ideally realised – in the case of the WT70 from 4+6 to 7+9 axle lines. As a result, TII SCHEUERLE has opened up the payload segment to accommodate up to 140 tonnes. This means that wind tower segments designed for the most powerful wind turbines can also be transported economically and safely by road. In the process, the system provides all the functionalities of the WT series across the entire payload. Due to the possibility of lifting the load hydraulically by up to 1.5 metres, many obstacles such as traffic islands and crash barriers can be conveniently swung over. Dismantling requirements are thereby greatly reduced thus saving a lot of time and money. In addition, it allows a more flexible route planning.

The SPMT PowerHoss is the manoeuvrable all-rounder for internal logistics operations and moves safely on many types of surfaces ranging from asphalted roads to gravel roads due to its pendulum axle bogie. If extremely heavy components such as large excavator parts or tower crane elements have to be transported on construction sites or tunnel boring machines from A to B along narrow tunnels, or if heavy production plant components such as presses have to be transported and replaced, then this is when it really comes into its own. The clear message from customers who use the SPMT PowerHoss is that the training time and effort required for the drivers is very low. “Ready to go” is the motto of this product. TII SCHEUERLE has just recently rounded off the PowerHoss range with the addition of the six-axle SPMT PowerHoss 330. An impressive 330 tonnes of payload are available here per module. If more is needed, then the individual modules can be simply and conveniently connected mechanically or electronically and moved in a coupling mode according to the plug-and-play principle.

Through a width of 3,000 millimetres, the SPMT PowerHoss provides more stability than comparable products regarding container widths (2,430 millimetres). SPMT PowerHoss transport modules are based on the technology of the SPMT series innovated by TII SCHEUERLE which has been tried and tested over decades and therefore also have the advantages of conventional SCHEUERLE SPMT transporters. This includes the robust construction, the hydrostatic drive and the electronic multi-directional steering.

TII offers the TIIGER UHD especially for markets in South and South-East Asia, Middle East, Africa and South America. The technology of the modular platform vehicle is based on the functionalities and equipment options of the K25 series. The TIIGER UHD offers a particularly robust technology and an extremely attractive cost-benefit ratio in order to meet the requirements of customers based in less regulated markets. “Engineered in Germany” and “Made in India” quality. Axle loads of up to 36 tonnes off-road and 18 tonnes on-road are technically permissible depending on national circumstances. The TIIGER UHD can be combined with other transport modules in a variety of ways. This product is also impressive proof that the TII Group is focusing even more on the needs of its global customers.