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Sarens removes gantry cranes in the UK

PD ports contracted CL Prosser who asked Sarens to remove two redundant overhead gantry cranes within a warehouse in Teesport, The UK.

The challenge was to remove the gantries without modifying the warehouse structure and allowing site operations to continue at the opposite end of the warehouse. The overhead gantry cranes had to be lifted from elevated rails 15m above ground level and placed on ground to allow the demolition.

Our crew decided to use the following equipment: 20 x K24 SPMT Axles; 2 x PPUs; 4 x Sarlift Gantry Towers complete with 10m long lifting beam (250T capacity per tower); 1 x 400T Mobile Crane; 1 x 500T Mobile Crane; 100T Capacity Mobile Crane; BS220 Bracing Steelwork; S273 Spreader Beam + Tackle; MEWP and Telehandler.

The two gantry cranes weighed 122T each and measured 30.7x12x7.8m.

Sarens engineers worked out a customised solution for the client. The trolley and the cab was positioned on the overhead gantry crane as per Sarens’ specifications and parked in their pick-up position.

A 100T mobile crane assembled the SPMTs and Sarlift gantry within the warehouse adjacent to the overhead gantry crane before driving it into position. The overhead gantry crane was lifted 800mm using the Sarlift Gantry until the underside of the girders were above the rails. The SPMTs were then used in carousel mode to rotate the overhead gentry so that it could pass between the rails and lowered. Once lowered the crane was tandem lifted onto the ground using a 400T and 500T mobile crane.

The customised solution by Sarens provided considerable cost savings and ensured that the operation was completed safely.

Cost reduction was achieved due to: No requirement to remove roof sections from warehouse; No strengthening work required as supports were provided to the Overhead Gantry Crane; Minimal disruption to port operations.

Safety achieved by: Avoiding working at a height; Reduction in project man hours; Work undertaken within warehouse so reduced exposure to the elements.