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Helsingborg launches a “Paris Agreement” for the logistics sector

Helsingborg is one of Europe’s most innovative and climate-smart cities.

Now Helsingborg, together with representatives for the entire logistics chain, is launching the Helsingborg Declaration – the logistics sector’s equivalent to the Paris Agreement with a view to becoming climate neutral by 2030. “We aim to be Europe’s most sustainable and fast-moving logistics hub. The Helsingborg Declaration is the answer to how we get there,” says Peter Danielsson, Mayor and Chairman of the Municipal Executive Committee in Helsingborg.

Helsingborg has the best logistics location in Sweden, according to the latest ranking from Intelligent Logistik. Now the city is taking the next step on its journey towards becoming Europe’s most sustainable and fast-moving logistics hub.

At H22 Arena during H22 City Expo, leading representatives for the logistics chain will sign the Helsingborg Declaration, the logistics sector’s equivalent to the Paris Agreement, with sights set on becoming climate neutral by 2030. Among the powerful stakeholders that are first to sign the declaration are Scania, Volvo Truck Center, Postnord TPL, Peab, Schenker, Skanska, Catena, Johnson & Johnson, Frigoscandia and the Port of Helsingborg. All signatories have a clear ambition to accelerate their green transition to achieve climate neutrality by 2030. Realising this goal requires collaboration between different industries, sectors, and organisations.

“This is a milestone for the logistics sector’s sustainability work. For the first time, representatives for the entire chain are now agreeing on common goals and guidelines with a view to achieving climate neutrality by 2030. This is historic,” says Peter Danielsson, Mayor of Helsingborg and initiator of the Helsingborg Declaration.

”We and other companies are already doing a lot to develop a climate-smart and sustainable logistics chain. But we work away in our own corners and there is a great need for coordination and joint commitments. It is here that the Helsingborg Declaration will play an important role for the future,” says Håkan Lindberg, Area Manager at PostNord TPL.

“Growth is strong in the industries within the logistics chain and the demand for these services will continue to increase, but the climate footprint does not have to. We therefore call on the chain’s various stakeholders in Sweden and Europe to join in signing the Helsingborg Declaration so that we can jointly set the framework for future climate commitments,” says Peter Danielsson.

The Helsingborg Declaration is being signed today, Tuesday 14 June at 17:10, at H22 Arena on Hamntorget square in Helsingborg.

The Helsingborg Declaration is an agreement that brings together the entire logistics chain and sets the framework for the sector’s joint climate work. All stakeholders that sign the declaration have a clear ambition to accelerate their green transition to achieve climate neutrality by 2030. The focus areas of the declaration are: Fossil-free energy; Smart and efficient logistics with coordinated loading solutions; Technology and infrastructure; Packaging logistics; Circularity, reuse, recycling.