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Vestas introduces the V163-4.5 MW

The expansion of renewable energy is expected to accelerate in the coming decade, and Vestas will support this growth through improving the scalability of new wind power solutions and increasing business case certainty for customers.

To support the projected growth and increased penetration of renewables in the global energy mix, we are introducing the V163-4.5 MW, expanding the Vestas 4 MW platform and offering superior wind park performance in medium to low wind conditions.

The V163-4.5 MW features an 18 percent increase in swept area and delivers up to ten percent higher Annual Energy Production (AEP) at park level compared to the V150-4.5 MW depending on site-specific conditions. With 80.1m blades, the V163-4.5 MW has a large rotor-size-to-rating ratio resulting in a higher capacity factor and an increased power output at medium and lower wind speeds when demand for renewables is high. Furthermore, temperature operation is increased by four degrees compared the V150-4.5 MW. This leads to improved production predictability and stability with the potential to increase the value of energy.

“The V163-4.5 MW improves business case certainty for our customers, and as it is built on one of the world’s most installed wind turbine platforms with a well-established global supply chain, it allows us to realise the full value of the investments made by Vestas and our suppliers through extending our technology lifecycles. The V163-4.5MW reduces the risk for customers, while ensuring that we design for scalability, which is key to our technological ambitions. This signals a new step in Vestas’ journey to drive industrialisation across renewables, and a pathway to increased profitability for the wind industry”, says Anders Nielsen, Vestas’ Chief Technology Officer.

The V163-4.5 MW is globally applicable, although it is particularly relevant for sites in the USA, Latin America, South Africa and parts of southern Europe. The exceptionally high and stable energy production at park level, paired with a well-established global supply network, enables an accelerated build-out and wind penetration on sites beyond the usual ideal wind conditions.

“The V163-4.5 MW turbine is optimised for medium to low wind speeds, unlocking new markets across North America. Built off our proven 4MW platform, this product utilises an established supply chain and existing infrastructure, including transportation and installation. The V163-4.5 MW turbine’s diverse suitability and Vestas’ expertise at site-specific towers will allow us to generate more profitable projects across a wide sector of the market. We look forward to continuing to bring innovative technology to the renewables industry and partnering with our customers to accelerate the deployment of wind energy in North America”, says Laura Beane, President of Vestas North America.

The new variant underlines the scalability and the modularisation approach applied across Vestas’ wind turbine platforms, as it shares most major functional and physical designs across modules with the V150-4.2 MW and the V150-4.5 MW. Building on more than a decade of continued evolution of Vestas’ 4 MW platform, the V163-4.5 MW benefits from the quality, efficiency and scale of an established global supply chain optimised over the last ten years. From the outset, the V163-4.5 MW has been designed to minimise the impact of changes on suppliers, transportation methods, tooling and installation processes, as well as servicing and operational standards.