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Bertling celebrates Love a Tree Day

16 May 2022, is international “Love a Tree Day” and Bertling are happy to share some pictures of their recent tree planting action in the Harz Mountains, in Germany.

Many trees there, or what is leftover of them, in one of Germany’s most beautiful National Parks, have been destroyed by a continuous bug plague and heavy storms, which have caused the death of especially the spruce trees.

Bertling met with their partners from PLANT-MY-TREE® in a reforestation area nearby Hayn, a heavily affected region in the Harz Mountains. There, members of their Sustainability Team from Bertling Logistics Germany planted trees as part of their donation and corporate social responsibility project. The remaining trees were planted by PLANT-MY-TREE® directly.

With Bertling donation, four different types of trees were planted to ensure the biodiversity and ecosystem of the forest get recreated. It will still take many years until these trees have reached a reasonable height to proactively filter CO2 from the atmosphere. However, therefore, even better to start now, so that they can jointly make an impact and fight climate change.

Bertling would like to thank PLANT-MY-Tree® for the collaboration and look forward to the next tree planning event already.