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Tenacity by C.H. Robinson gets cargo in the air

The project logistics team at C.H. Robinson recently completed the last of three air shipments of cargo from Belgium to the U.S.

The cargo, a compressor and booster, were originally slated to be delivered by ocean vessel; however, due to worldwide port congestion, it was determined transport by sea would cause too many delays.

In order to keep the project on track, the customer turned to C.H. Robinson for a solution.

Knowing the customer needed delivery as soon as possible, the experts at C.H. Robinson got to work arranging conveyance by air, despite speculation from many about the difficulty of finding enough space on an aircraft in the current market; an issue compounded by the fact that the large cargo had already been packed and secured in shipping containers.

With C.H. Robison’s global suite of services, they were able to secure the space their customer needed on a 747 aircraft, arrange customs clearance, and wrap and truck the cargo to and from the departing and arriving airports.

“In the end, the customer was pleased to receive their cargo on time and in good condition.”