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Nooteboom receives Greenwaste certificate

Nooteboom Trailers considers sustainability to be a necessary part of its business operations.

Not only because of the need to treat the environment with greater care, but also as a logical consequence of the growing shortage of raw materials and the possibility of achieving cost savings.

Marinka Nooteboom: “Sustainability must be part of the business strategy anyway. It cannot be a top priority or a goal in itself; after all, it is not a revolution, but an evolution. Within the company you have to get a generic movement going, whereby sustainability and sustainable production are part of your strategy. In our business processes we first of all pay a lot of attention to waste separation. By doing that more effectively we are much better able to prevent waste. So that works both environmentally and cost-effectively.”

In order to manage their waste flows, Nooteboom work closely with various partners, such as Greenwaste. They support them with issues in the field of waste & recycling. Nooteboom are therefore pleased to announce that they have been awarded the Greenwaste certificate. Nooteboom hereby comply with the criteria set by Greenwaste for the following components: Waste separation at the source, optimization of transport movements, use of sustainable resources for collection of raw materials and waste, a comprehensive waste accounting and working only with certified collectors and processors.