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Qatar Airways announces Chapter 3 of WeQare

Commitment, care and charity means a lot to Qatar Airways Cargo.

The success of the first two chapters of the WeQare programme demonstrated it very well. Chapter 1, “One Million Kilos” launched in July 2020 led the way by providing the free transport of 1 million kilos of humanitarian aid and medical equipment to charitable organisations. As for Chapter 2, “Rewild the Planet”, Qatar Airways Cargo committed to preserve wildlife and endangered animals and to transport them back to their natural habitat free of charge.

Aware of the importance of perpetuating this solidarity, the cargo carrier announced Chapter 3, Let’s Stand Together. Through this new chapter, Qatar Airways Cargo wants to convey the idea that together we can achieve great things. For this chapter, the company is organising a collection of in kind donations for children. The donation drive focuses on three aspects: education, sports and fun. Thus, Qatar Airways Cargo is collecting study material (books, school bags, pencils), clothes and sports items (socks, soccer balls, sneakers, jerseys) as well as toys, musical instruments and board games. Any donation for children is welcome, as long as it is clean, in good condition and without batteries.

The collection of the donations is rolled out worldwide, and open for business partners, friends, families and anyone who is willing to participate in this great movement of solidarity that will last until May 10, 2022. To collect all the donations, each station of the company has its own collection point, where people can drop off their donations. Qatar Airways Cargo has also opened six donation collection points for its employees, as well as a public collection point in Doha.

Guillaume Halleux, Chief Officer Cargo at Qatar Airways, said, “Children are the future generation and we hope that they bloom and develop their full potential. Not all children are born with the same opportunities, but every child has the right to dream. To make their dreams a reality, Qatar Airways Cargo wants to gather forces to support this next generation in need, by sending them toys, educational materials and sports items so that all children can enjoy their childhood.”

The donations will be sent in by Qatar Airways Cargo global offices to its hub in Doha where a massive sorting activity will take place on 17 May, following which the donations will be sent all over the world. In line with its commitment to sustainability, Qatar Airways Cargo will also offset the CO2 emissions of the donated items.

For children to remain children, Let’s Stand Together, because #WeQare.