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Total Movements manages movement to the east coast of India

’For a prestigious project in Europe, Total Movements, member to the Worldwide Project Consortium (WWPC) in India, managed the movement of a total of five units of WTG, including 15 blades of 44 meter length each, five 50 ton generators, hubs and accessories.

Total Movements stated: “We were able to accomplish this due to exclusive access to a specialized fleet of vehicles, as well as closely integrated teamwork. We had to traverse the heart of the city to reach the port amid numerous construction activities for the city’s metro project. The authorities outrightly denied permission for the movement of such oversized cargo. However, our team organized a joint meeting with the Metro, City Corporation, Police, and Port Authorities to ensure that all necessary precautions were taken during the movement to ensure that no construction activities or infrastructure changes were disrupted. Aside from that, technical documents were submitted to their satisfaction in order to obtain permission.”

The complete shipment was docked in port well ahead of the chartered vessel’s arrival and safely loaded onboard.