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Rhenus and Biosynex step up operations in Strasbourg

As the external storage provider for Biosynex since May 2021 at one of its multi-client logistics sites in Strasbourg, Rhenus stepped up its operations at the end of 2021 by supplying dedicated COVID-19 test shipment teams.

Biosynex, an Alsace-based company specialising in rapid diagnostic tests and medical devices such as thermometers and blood pressure monitors, naturally took to manufacturing COVID-19 tests. As a result, the Illkirch Graffenstaden factory near Strasbourg was overflowing with growing inventories. Gaël Lévy, Industrial Director at Biosynex, therefore approached Rhenus – a logistics service provider known for its expertise in medical devices and with a strong foothold in the Strasbourg port area.

“Since May 2021, Rhenus has been helping us store palettes of materials and equipment before passing through our factory, and also for air transport via its Air & Ocean entity. Business growth showed no signs of slowing at the end of the year, so we asked Rhenus to take on a part of our order preparation and logistics operations,“ explained Gaël Levy. To handle the current wave of infections and the resulting need for rapid tests, Rhenus found the storage space and staff required, more or less overnight.

Thanks to its various multi-client warehouses located throughout Strasbourg and Alsace, Rhenus was able to swiftly secure the storage space required by Biosynex. “To set up order preparation activities at our site, it was as if we created an SME overnight. Fortunately, thanks to our agreements with local temporary employment agencies, we were able to tap into a pool of temporary workers and put two teams in place extremely quickly which are still operating at full stretch,” commented Mercedes Ortiz Garcia, Business Development Director at Rhenus Logistics France.