Viking Line completes China-Turkey shipment

Viking Project Logistics has completed a shipment of 1500CBM from China to Turkey.

This shipment consisted of mostly steel structures, rollers, and rotors. With the assistance of the partners, at Sino Projects the commodities were loaded onto the breakbulk vessel at the Port of Shanghai which then sailed in the direction of Turkey. Viking Project Logistics was responsible for the cargo from the Port of Shanghai to the delivery location in Konya, Turkey via Sanko Port in Adana, Turkey. Their team supervised and controlled the unloading and transshipment of this cargo from the breakbulk vessel to their trucks. In total, 48 pieces were transported to Konya on a total of 27 trucks. During this transshipment, they closely oversaw all actions taken and were always present at the site taking care of the cargo handling operations.

One of the biggest challenges faced by their projects and operations team was working under the harsh temperature of around 53 degrees. The total discharging operation took only six days. In the end, all the goods were safely delivered to Konya ensuring zero incidents. The projects and Operations team at Viking would like to extend their gratitude to their colleagues at Sino Projects for their help.