SAL Heavy Lift Italy opens its doors

HAMBURG: May 2019. SAL Heavy Lift and the Genoa-based Intermare Group have established SAL Heavy Lift Italy as the official representative for SAL in the Italian market.

From May 01, 2019 SAL Heavy Lift Italy will be managed by Mauro Morasso and Paolo Boccoleri with more than 75 years of experience between them.

Intermare Group president Giorgio Morasso commented: “It is our honor in helping SAL Heavy Lift, Italy come to life. SAL has been part of our family and our company for a great many years. We know each other well and we trust each other, and by making this step together we join our family with the SAL family and we look forward to a long and successful future together.

The company recently set up a similar operation in Spain that together with Italy offers shippers a focal point that clearly profiles the brand and the service that it represents in the local market.

“Following on from establishing our Spanish entity SAL Heavy Lift, Spain it became quickly apparent that the format was more in demand than we realised,” explained SAL Heavy Lift COO Justin Archard: Italy was a logical next step and because we have shared so much over the years with Intermare and the Morasso family, and because there is a mutual respect, the choice was an easy one to make.”