Rapid Response for transformer installation

PORTSMOUTH, UK: May 2019. UK-based lifting, transport and storage specialist Rapid Response Solutions (RRS) overcame a series of challenges to install a 45,000kg transformer at East Cowes Power Station on the Isle of Wight recently.

RRS was contracted by transport and logistics company CTS SpA to unload and skid a Tironi 6 metre by 2.4 metre by 4 metre transformer into position in a live substation environment.

The company selected its latest 270t capacity HT300 hydraulic skidding system with new push / pull rams and skid shoes, powered by a four-port synchronous power pack, while 100t support stalls, Ekki timber blocks, and AS500 alignment shoes completed the Hydra-Slide lineup onsite.

Paul Barber, managing director at RRS explained: “We used the HT300 because ground conditions between the road and the final landing position 15m away were not all concrete.” The company had to raise the transformer with four jacks, remove the track, and then lower the transformer to the ground.

RSS considered using a crane for the project but due to limited site space hydraulic skidding became the preferred option. Additionally, there wasn’t a crane big enough on the Isle of Wight so the cost of shipping would have been prohibitive, it said.

Barber added: “This was the second transformer we have installed on this site in the past year. The Hydra-Slide fleet has given us the ability to carry out tasks like this in a safe, efficient manner.”