OSM Ship Management opens in Cyprus

LIMASSOL: May 2019. OSM Ship Management has opened a full-service office in Cyprus including technical management.

“We have full ship management out of offices in Norway, Singapore and Helsinki. Now with Cyprus fully compliant to offer technical management we are ensuring we remain a ship management company for owners and their charterers to work closely with,” said founder and CEO Bjørn Tore Larsen.

“We chose Cyprus 12 years ago to run some of our ship management and back office services, but now we have expanded it into a full ship management centre,” he added.

Ship Management services will be focused on the Middle East and Central European shipowner markets providing ship and crew management to over 500 vessels with over 11,000 seafarers.

OSM says it has also positioned itself to become the preferred digital ship manager, focusing on  technology solutions that will help create technical ability, security, resilience and efficiency gains for clients.

All offices are fully connected and linked to the company’s unique 24/7 operations centre in Singapore, the heart of the company’s digital transformation where the technical decisions are made and where it can monitor and manage the company’s global fleet 24/7.

Larsen says that ship management has become a much bigger industry in recent years: “To reap the rewards you need to offer products that customers are happy with,” he says, adding that this is not just a question about cost.

“As charter requirements, regulations that are both regional and international, public opinion and social pressure, increasingly influence maritime operations, it requires a much higher level of competence and expertise across many different fields. This is an expertise level that may be hard to find in a smaller or underpriced ship management firm,” he continued.

Pictured: CEO Bjørn Tore Larsen speaking in Cyprus during the company’s 10 year anniversary in 2017.